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“If I Could, I Would – A Child’s Journey from Abuse to Hope”, shares Ceclila’s deeply moving and simply stated account from a child’s perspective of what it is like to grow up in a violent home. She uses imagery to picture herself being able to protect her family from her abusive dad. Follow her journey from pain to redemption, ending in a surprisingly hopeful twist that is beyond inspiring.

Cecilia Tement

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My name is Cecilia Tement. I am a Transformational Story Coach, Author and Speaker and I help people who are ready to stop struggling with past pain, trauma or abuse to release their old life story, discover their true story and live their authentic story with courage, clarity and confidence!

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– I am a Certified Coach Practitioner who cares about you and how I can help you tap into your inner wisdom. Any opportunity I have to inspire you, expand your field of vision, spark creative solutions and open up your heart is something that I want to be a part of.

Someone Who Shares

– I am a thriver after child abuse who knows what it feels like to be trapped in the idea that you can’t escape your own victimhood. I have come out on the other end and am excited to share the tools, techniques and practical ways that can dramatically change your life for the better.

Someone Who Is Aware

– I am deeply aware of the self limiting patterns that keep you feeling stuck in your past and I know how to shatter those false beliefs so you can finally feel free.

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