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Cecilia Tement

Certified Life Coach

Cecilia Tement is a Certified Life Coach (Certified Coaches Federation), motivational speaker, author and reiki practitioner. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts Program and has worked extensively as an event planner, fundraiser, community outreach officer and child advocate worker. 

Having lived through child abuse and growing up with traumatic experiences from her past, Cecilia decided to confront her abusive father and shift out of the negative mindset that was holding her back. Instead of living and re-living pain, she felt the compelling need to move forward even though she was scared of what would happen. In what was a life changing moment, she sought closure by finally telling her father how she truly felt and how angry she was. She expressed how deeply she had been hurt and devastated by his actions. He had no choice but to hear the hard truth.

In order to release herself from the pent-up toxicity, she freely forgave him but also held him accountable. If she didn’t see real change in him, she vowed their relationship (including the grandchildren) would be indefinitely severed. This prompted a fresh start, and the new father-daughter bond finally flourished. This journey from pain to redemption is chronicled in Cecilia’s new children’s book, “If I could I would.” Set for release soon, the book has already been heralded as a breakthrough literary piece that tackles the difficult subject of domestic violence. The tone is honest, yet palatable for all audiences including young children. The takeaway for the reader is a feeling of not being alone and a renewed sense of hope. 

Cecilia now uses her personal story as inspiration to fuel her journey in helping to shift people into their personal bliss. She believes that with help, hope and love, anything is possible.

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