How do I help?

I help you:

Re-imagine the pain from your past so that old limiting beliefs no longer have control over your present.

Remain solution focused as you discover your authentic self, learn to honour your emotions, set goals and form healthy habits, so you can live in complete alignment – body, mind and soul.

Take back your power and learn to live with passion and purpose.

Release your old life story, discover your true story and live your authentic story.

- I am trained -
to use the following modalities

Neurolinguistic Programming

Emotional Freedom Tapping

Reiki Healing and Energy Connection

Hypno-Linguistic Programming



Trauma Recovery Techniques

Transformational Strategies

Inner Child Work

Personal Empowerment Scripts 

I look forward to helping you uncover your internal strength and resilience. I specialize in helping anyone who has experienced trauma, pain or abuse to achieve dramatic personal shifts. I believe that by focusing on the present and living in the now, you can transform your past behaviours, limiting beliefs and preconceived notions to change your destiny forever and for the better.

- Cecilia Tement