If I could i would

If you could imagine away all of the pain from your past, would you?

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You walk by them every single day. Yet you don’t notice them. How can you? They wear plastic smiles across their faces. Nobody holds up a sign that says I am being abused. For a child who is suffering in silence, life can be confusing and painful.

Author Cecilia Tement knows how that feels. In this true story, If I could, I would, she shares her deeply moving and simply stated account from a child’s perspective of what it is like to grow up in a violent home. She uses imagery to picture herself being able to protect her family from her abusive dad. Follow her journey from pain to redemption, ending in a surprisingly hopeful twist that is beyond inspiring.

Readers will discover:

  • What it is like for a child struggling with domestic violence and how they can reach out for help
  • How to become a greater space of healing for yourself and everyone else.
  • The power of forgiveness.

About Cecilia

Cecilia Tement is a Certified Life Coach (Certified Coaches Federation), motivational speaker, author and Reiki practitioner. She has worked extensively as a community outreach officer, event planner, fundraiser and child advocate worker. Cecilia now uses her personal story as inspiration to fuel her mission to help people heal from trauma and learn to live from love. 

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