Life Coaching

When elite athletes are coached, they condition their bodies and minds to align with the plays that are carefully laid out. They are given direction, support and encouragement as they work towards winning the game. 

As your life coach, I will be your greatest cheerleader and help you to uncover your true potential. We won’t dwell on the past, but, instead, engage in a conversation that will spark positive change.


  • Find your deeper purpose so you can be your best self;
  • Clearly define what your goals are based on your new outlook;
  • Lay out a Personal Empowerment Plan that identifies the specific actions you need to take to realize your goals; and
  • Establish an Accountability Timeline within which to accomplish your Target Tasks; 


  • Look at how to break away from toxic patterns and self limiting beliefs;
  • Leave the past behind and focus on living in the now;
  • Recondition your negative self talk to make room for positive, uplifting and empowering thoughts, feelings and emotions;
  • Remove abundance blockers; and
  • Re-write your internal emotional story with your ideal outcomes and inspire you to realize them;


  • Look at what personal behaviours need to be changed in order to align your new self with your new goals;
  • Learn to surround yourself with inspiring, kind and growth-minded individuals; and
  • Consistently LIVE IN YOUR BLISS by easily maintaining your goals and establishing new ideas for personal freedom 

Why wait? The time for change is NOW. It doesn’t matter what you have been through; it is never too late to RENEW your willpower, REFRESH your perspective and RELEASE what is holding you back. I believe that with your determination and motivation, I can help you to dramatically shift and transform into your authentic self.

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