with Cecilia Tement

Are you struggling with healing from abuse, trauma or pain?

Do you feel unable to move forward even though you have already left the toxic person and/or situation?

I have been there and I understand. As a survivor of child abuse I felt like I could not escape the sadness of my past, but I now know that I have the power to finally let go and be free.

This freedom can be yours too! You CAN and WILL be able to LIVE THE LIFE that is waiting for you. I can help you get there.

I truly hope you will join me for this transformative experience. And even though I touch upon abuse, if you have endured trauma from past relationships of any kind (at work, with family or friends, an intimate partner), this program is for YOU!!

Exclusive Access to Video and Audio Content

Worksheets and activities to help accelerate your change

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Private 1 hour coaching session before you begin

Private 30min coaching session after you finish

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  • Your origin story and how your past experiences, perceptions and childhood can influence how you live your life now.
  • How any abuse or trauma you have experienced can create your limiting belief patterns.
  • Who you blame for what has happened to you and why. Learn how to place effective blame to release the pain of your unforgiveness.
  • Existing patterns of toxicity and what cycles need to be broken in order to help you in your healing journey
  • Understanding narcissism and how it plays a role in feelings of worthlessness
  • Your negative mind and how it holds you back
  • What to get rid of, hold on to and attract so you can move forward with confidence and freedom

Refresh Your Perspective

  • Looking at yourself through fresh eyes and finding your inner warrior.
  • Understanding the power of your subconscious mind and how reconditioning your thinking can massively change your life.
  • Practicing mindfulness, peacefulness and inner calm to clear your field of vision.
  • Outlining specific goals and a Personal Empowerment Plan to jumpstart your positive change
  • Building self love and compassion so you can realize your worth

Renew your Hope

  • Understanding how to raise your vibration so you can increase your level of emotional abundance.
  • Creating a consistent flow of positive and renewing energy to maintain your inner light.
  • Focusing on your natural ability to give and receive love as an inspirational force for yourself and others.
  • Consistently practice living in the present in order to spark long lasting change.
  • Living with impact.

What my clienTs say

Cecilia just understands how to speak right to my heart. I had been living so long in fear and she helped me to see that I am the one in control and I can do anything!! Thank you for giving me a new start!

Elizabeth L.

I find Cecilia to be a fantastic listener who always presents me with food for thought. Her energetic and friendly personality create a comfortable environment for open communication. Her advice and guidance is always on point and I would happily recommend her life coaching services!

Claudio C.

Cecilia is so kind and sweet and at the same time I keep in my mind that she is going to hold me accountable for my actions.I feel the gentleness she is using in this process. She is amazing.

Ana C.