The First Steps

When I first started on this path to becoming a life coach, I had no idea how scary and fantastic it would be. Every day brought a new sense of self, a broader world view and a clearer understanding of what I have come to know as my true purpose. 

I started by coaching people I knew in my inner circle. It was safer and it felt less terrifying because I knew that even if my coaching needed ‘tweaking’, they would forgive me and allow me time to grow and learn. Instead of being held back by my uncertainty, I went in fearlessly and everything began flowing.

A beautiful exchange of energy started taking place. With each new session, I got into my groove and found exactly the right words that would give my clients relief, hope and just the right motivation to get moving in their own lives. Every time I saw someone leave with a lightness in their step and a renewed sense of purpose, I felt fulfilled, having helped others to find their wholeness.

What is so wonderful about the whole process is that I could not have done any of this without fully loving myself first. I can’t wait to share this goodness with you. So, stay with me for a while, hear what I have to say and, maybe, just maybe, you will find something uplifting that will stir your soul. 

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Cecilia Tement

Cecilia Tement

Cecilia Tement is a Certified Life Coach (Certified Coaches Federation), motivational speaker, author and reiki practitioner. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts Program and has worked extensively as an event planner, fundraiser, community outreach officer and child advocate worker.

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